Land (forest) hunting

Hunting club „KAMENJARKA“ Tisno, MB: 3196135 manages the common open hunting ground by the number XV/10 – „Pirovac“

Hunting club „Kamenjarka“ Tisno has been established in 1946 and it has not changed its name ever since. The ideological originator and the first president of the club was a prominent hunter and a pedagogue Vilim Dobrovic from Pirovac. Over the years the number of hunters was changing from 147 between 1970 and 1985, while the lowest number recorded was during the Civil War.

Today, there are 80 hunters in the club, aged 18 to 86, of various professions. The club has been awarded with several medals and some hunters won 30 medals ranging from the first to the third order.

Despite the fact that most of the hunting ground includes the karst area and by the great effort of the hunters, the number of the game has never been endangered. It is also important to mention that thanks to the hunters, the hunting area has never been under the fire on a larger scale. The hunting club manages the area of 10.094ha in three counties: Murter, Tisno and Pirovac and due to a bigger traffic the counties are expected to help even more to preserve the hunting ground.

More over, the hunting club, together with the Tourist Board Pirovac and Tisno has started to enrich a touristic offer so they have prepared venison specialties to the guests of these counties.
The club has started to organize a huntig tourism in cooperation with the Agency for hunting tourism and the club can offer dog training, hunting wild rabbits, quails and sripes.

GSM: 385 (0)99 356 31 18, the president of the club
GSM: +385 (0)99 564 16 42, hunter (eng/njem)
GSM: +385 (0)99 222 40 77, administrator

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Fishing enthusiasts, whether sports or professional, will enjoy in the sea area of the Pirovac bay because it is very rich in fish. Along the Pirovac harbour, there is the Vrana Lake with the channel Prosika which connects the lake with the sea and offers the possibility for fishing in the sweet waters of the lake. It is possible to fish with different sports – recreational licences respecting the ban of the hunting for some species. Local fishermen say that the dawn on the sea is the most beautiful and the catch is the best. Therefore, get the fishing kit in the boat and catch some memories from the high seas.

Fishing licence available on:
Sports fishing club "LUŠTURA" Pirovac
Kralja Krešimira IV 6 – 22 213 Pirovac
+385 (0)98/226 674