The beaches stretch along the coastline on the nortwest and the southeast. Because of its position, the Pirovac bay is a very peaceful place with numerous bays, wild and town beaches and the sea temerature is always higher than in the neghbouring places. Since everthing is closein Pirovac, we advise you to use the maximum of your time and visit all the beaches because each one of them is special on its way.


„Lolić“ beach

The main town beach „Lolić“ has been awarded a Blue flag for many years which confirms that the beach satisfies the criteria for sea quality and cleanness of the coast as well as the equipment on the beach. It is a pebble beach on the southwest part of the town. The most interesting part of the beach is the middle part. It is sunny and sandy with shallow waters so it is ideal for children. For those who like to hide away from the sun there is plenty of shade under the pine trees.

Visitors of any age will find something for themselves – numerous sports and hospitality facilities near the sea. Bars, restaurants, backeries, stands with pancakes and fritters, beach gadgets and souvenirs, fast food and shops will offer a possibility to spend the day on the beach. Different services are available on the beach, like massage, renting scooters, peddal boats, canoes and boats, deck chairs, sunshades and you can also enjoy in water sports like aqua park, slot machine games, volleyball and zumba...

There are also changing cabins and showers on the beach, public toilette and parts of the beach adapted for persons with special needs.


Hotel Miran beach

Right next to the „Lolić“ beach there is another beach „Starine“ which is 1km long and stretching from the center of the town until the bay Vrilo. This is the beach for those looking for some peace and quiet ambience. There are some bars along the beach in case you need a refreshment and if you want to try some activities you can rent a boat, peddle boat or scooter. There is not a lot of shade on this beach but there are many concrete parts for those who like jumping into the sea.


Plaža „Starine“

Na jugoistočnoj obali smjestila se plaža „Starine“ duga više od jednog kilometra i pruža se od centra mjesta sve do uvale Vrilo. Plaža po mjeri onih koji traže mirniju atmosferu. Duž plaže naići ćete na nekoliko kafića ukoliko vam zatreba osvježenje te ukoliko se poželite okušati na nekoj od zabavnih aktivnosti, najam čamaca, pedalina i skutera je u blizini. Plaža sadrži manje prirodne hladovine no obiluje betonskim dijelovima za one koji vole uvježbavati skokove u more.


Makirina Bay

On the south part of Pirovac bay there is Makirina bay. Even though it looks untended and visualiy almost unchanged from the past, it is a natural site rich with curative mud of the great potential. Known by its antirheumatic characteristics, this mud has been used for many years by locals and tourists. It is a shallow muddy bay without a shade with the remains of the old pier where you can reach a deeper part of the bay. The access to the bay is towards Murter island, few kilometres away from Pirovac or by path along the seaside from Vrilo bay. If you want to go there by boat we advise caution because of very shallow part of the bay and the stone wall in it.


Bays and cliffs

Visitors who like quiet and peaceful holidays will find many beaches, bays and cliffs with crystal clear sea for swimming and sunbathing . Hidden from the views these places kept their natural wild appearance, so go and discover your perfect bay by car or by boat.


Porat Bay

On the north part of Pirovac bay there is a bay Porat. It is a rocky beach with sandy parts and pier without natural shade in most od the parts. This a perfect place for your pets as well as for you.


Island Sustipanac

Just opposite Pirovac there is an islet „Sustipanac“ of the historic name „Mojster“ or as young people like to call it „Island of love“ where you can recall the history by visiting the remains of the franciscan monastery and where you can be enchanted by captivating scenery. The island is mostly rocky with dense pine forest and shade which is ideal for all day enjoyment.