Sports and Recreation

Pirovac is a desirable place for active holidays. There are many routes for cycling, jogging, running, walking and there are bays and islands ideal for exploring and being active and of course there is a crystal clear sea. There are many facilities for indoor and outdoor activities...


Running and walking

The whole coast from Vrilo bay, across the old part of the town, Lolić beach, camp and Hotel Miran all the way to Prosika there are numerous possibilities for active holidays. Some places with almost untouched nature will delight you with its simplicity. On one side there is the big blue of the sea and on the other side there is a diversity of flora of a dalmatian karst.

The paths around Makirina hill and Vrilo bay offer a real relaxation while running or walking along the coast and the view over Pirovac is one of the most beautiful pictures of your holidays.


Sea activities

If you like sea activities and watching the coast from a different perspective there are few places in town where you can rent boats, speed boats, water scooters, peddal boats, canoes, and surf boards and you can lie back and enjoy the sea waves.



In Hotel Miran complex there are tennins courts just near the seaside where you can keep in shape even on holidays.



For those who are into basketball there is a sports ground near Primary school Pirovac where you can always find a team for a game.


Volleyball on sand

In the middle of the Lolić beach, under the pine trees and near the cafe bar „Balun“ there is a volleyball ground at your disposal where you can have fun and show your skills. After the match you can wash away the sand in the sea just few steps away.



While walking through town center in the afternoon hours you can hear a sentence „Shall we play boccie?“. That is a very old and famous dalmatian game which will definitely get you interested and make you laugh and if you want to give it a try boys from the boccia club will teach you how to play this game.



If you prefer indoor activities there is a gym at your disposal in the town center where you can workout on different fitness devices in a pleasant ambience.

During the afternoon hours on the main beach Lolić, you can dance with zumba instructors and watch the sunset.